DIVE Madhouse Mag’s mission is to become the go-to-guide for millennials, or similar-minded, to the ever-changing and very much alive – art world. 

As the art world is changing faster than it ever has before, due to a globalized market as well as digital means that enable artists and art fans, collectors and gallery directors to interactively appreciate a constant flow of expression. Often in real time. Where boundaries continue to be pushed, we want to be right there alongside the changers and most importantly giving YOU all the goods from it. Covering the first painting in space by Jisbar to an Italian intuitive expression playing games with the emotional mind – to the latest in trending artistic techniques with Penstore and a look at the Chinese art market from within. Everything by, with and most importantly FOR the millennial art fan, collector (collector to-be), gallery director and artist. Together heading for the future of art.

Come along for an incredible ride!