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How To Stage a 20M USD Home – With Fine Art

Did you know that staged homes sell for an average of 17% more money? Home staging is a form of art itself and could be the tipping point that influences a buyer to make that buying decision.

Art Creates Connection

The art that a client chooses to display as part of the home staging process is perhaps the most critical step of decorating and staging a home. Why is that? For starters, fine art has the ability to make a home come to life and bring out its very best features. Most importantly, fine art can serve to create a connection between a house and its potential buyer. A prospective buyer will undoubtedly consider several other aspects of a home for their decision; however, art can play a critical role in influencing a buyer’s purchasing decision on a subconscious level. From the color scheme to the type of furniture, every bit adds up to create an impression. Join us as we walk you through the journey of staging a 20 million dollar home using fine art – from finding the right client to selling the home. 

Client home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Finding the Client 

The most challenging part of the home staging process is perhaps finding the client. Clients include homeowners who are selling their properties, real estate developers, real estate agencies, and interior design firms. Since incorporating fine art in the home staging process is a relatively new business model, clients have questions regarding the benefits of paying a premium for fine art. It is important to educate potential clients on the significant impact that art can have on establishing that connection between a potential home buyer and the house for sale. In a reasonably saturated market, it is essential to consider ways to make a house stand out from its competition. Because home staging is an increasing trend in real estate, fine art can be what makes a staged home truly stand out. 

Inside client’s home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida – original art by Tomaaso Fattovich

Choosing the Right Art 

After finding the client, the next step is choosing the right art and furniture to go with the house. The artwork selected for home staging should essentially create an atmosphere that will inspire buyers and leave a positive and lasting impression. We have to consider several factors here – it is important to choose art that aligns with the furniture and accentuates the home. Fine art in home staging can make it easier for buyers to visualize the property as their future home. It is quite rare for fine art to be used for staging, as realtors or home sellers typically use more affordable prints for display. Sometimes, these art prints can feel temporary, and subconsciously remind a buyer that they are strangers in this new home. Fine art creates a stronger impression and makes buyers feel more at home – and that is precisely what the goal is. We want buyers to feel at home and potentially buy the art together with the house. 

Personalizing the experience

Because art is so personal, it is hard to know what a buyer will like. The art needs to be inviting, but should also relate to many different audiences. It is best to choose art with simple colors, including whites, blacks, greys. For this home, Carousel Art Group picked art pieces containing calm colors with slight hues of reds and blues. We wanted to add in pops of color and give life to the home’s overall interior to make it feel slightly vibrant while remaining neutral. Our high-quality fine art pieces ranged from $8-200 thousand in price and came from several countries like China and Dubai. Fine art changes the feel of a home and enhances its value. When you incorporate premium art within a home, it subconsciously sends the message to a prospective buyer that it is highly valuable in its entirety.

Staging in home, together with Vesta Home, original art by Hallie Hart

Staging Day 

It’s staging day. Before staging the art, we worked closely with the interior designers and decorators to make sure that each piece aligned with the furniture and contributed to the home’s overall aesthetic. After the fine art pieces were selected, we insured each one and coordinated transportation between our showroom and the staged home. Each professional installer hired for the job was required to be tested for COVID-19 before the staging, helping to prevent the virus from spreading within the home and ensuring our staff’s safety. Installations typically required 3-5 professionals art handlers depending on the size of the artworks. The fine art piece in the image above was 2.25 by 4.5 meters in dimensions and required four professionals to hang it. The first impression that someone gets when they walk into a home is critical. We want to install the art in a way that will transform the house and make buyers fall in love as soon as they walk through the door. 

Social area staged together with Vesta Home, original art by Carla Damato

It’s Sold! 

The house sold for 15 million dollars in cash in less than 60 days. Apart from creating a connection with the buyer and influencing his/her purchasing decision, displaying fine art for home staging also has tremendous benefits for artists. It helps to establish brand awareness, both in real-life and online. The staged homes we work with typically get published in architecture and interior design magazines and always tag the artist. It offers artists the opportunity to promote their content – through newsletters, social media pages, websites, brochures, etc. Home staging grants artists the opportunity to be exposed to the right audience. Each staged piece will be seen by a very targeted group of people. Most, if not all, potential buyers will be looking for new art to furnish their walls – and they are most likely able to afford it as well. It is a great advertising technique, providing benefits to artists, realtors, and real estate developers respectively.

Written by Aliasha Zafar, content writer at Carousel Art Group.

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