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Creative Ways Artists are Directly Contributing to the Black Lives Matter Movement

Ashley Pena Black Angels

Photograph from Black Angels series by Ashley Pena for See In Black, a fundraiser for Black Lives Matter causes.

There are endless ways to participate in a movement. While the pandemic is keeping so many out of the streets, we are looking to artists who are using their platform and creativity to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Phaan Howng – Pieces of The Succession of Nature

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I cut up the hand painted wallpaper from my show at @baltimoremuseumofart ,The Succession of Nature, into 8”x10” mini original paintings and selling them for $10- YES, TEN DOLLARS each in order to help fundraise for various #blacklivesmatter organizations and environmental organizations that take the Intersectional Environmentalist Pledge brought forth by @greengirlleah and/or incorporate intersectionality with their values. I am choosing this method and setting the price at $10 so the art work can be affordable and accessible to all and be easily put in a standard 8×10 frame. There are approximately 20 panels that can be dissected. Each panel yields about 60 8×10’s so that’s a possible $12,000 + that can be donated! Your purchase will be broken down as follows: $5 for a BLM organization, $5 for a BLM environmental organization (The environment doesn’t discriminate but the power structures that manage them do!). I will try my best to do different organization each week. I will post them on my Instagram stories every Monday until all panels are gone! DM me with your address, qty, and Venmo $$ to @phaanlove. Add’l $$ to help cover the costs of materials & postage for S&H will be greatly appreciated since I’m currently unemployed. The chosen organizations for support this week are: @BTFAcollective @hiphopcaucus I am continuing to research various organizations in and outside of Baltimore, so please feel free to provide suggestions. **Please note that every piece is different and may contain imperfections from installs at the BMA and @springbreakartshow —meaning small staple holes. All sales are final** HOPE I CUT STRAIGHT!! 😂😂 #blacklivesmatter #blacktranslivesmatter #intersectionalenvironmentalism #environmentaljustice #artforagoodcause #artthathelps #blmfundraiser #affordableart #artonpaper

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Installation artist Phaan Howng is selling pieces of her work “The Succession of Nature” from the Baltimore Museum of Art to fundraise for a weekly selection of non-profits fighting for racial justice. Howng is selling these pieces-of-paintings, signed and editioned on reverse, for $10 each and has to date raised over $4,000. (We got two!)

See In Black – Print Fundraiser

See In Black is a collective of 80 black photographers formed in direct response to the recent murders of black Americans by the police. With superstar photographers on their roster, the collective released a print fundraiser, offering the public 11×14”s for just $100 each.

James Bouché – White Silence is Violence

Brooklyn-based painter, printmaker and installation artist James Bouché gave his website a new landing page. He took to instagram stating, “If you have yet to pay your reparations, or haven’t in a while, please do so before looking at my work,” and encouraging his white artist followers to adopt this format for their websites as well.

We Buy Gold x Nina Chanel Abney – “FIVE”

Curated by Nina Chanel Abney in collaboration with We Buy Gold, “FIVE” is a digital exhibition raising money to benefit Projects EATS. The group show is composed of work by 11 different black artists and is in response to the ways Covid-19 disproportionately affects communities of color. In our opinion, it’s definitely one of the best we’ve seen all quarantine.

As New York approaches two and a half months straight of protest in support of black lives, we encourage you to consider making a donation to one of the following organizations.

Know Your Rights Camp

Black Visions Collective

Black Lives Matter

The Okra Project


Black Mamas Matter Alliance

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