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Art Thotz: The Museum and Musson


When was the last time you remembered a museum’s board member for something other than selling tear gas?  Museums are widely regarded by the public as impartial cultural guardians, but it’s no accident: much of the relevance and power of these institutions is rooted in their appearance as diverse and innovative, and for most museums, […]

A Return To Passion – Small Town Girl, Turned International Art Dealer

Laura McDaniel Horowicz

Through many years and aversions, destiny could not be denied. How roaming the globe and “rolling up my sleeves” led me back to art. We can all recount that moment in our earliest youth, sitting attentively in a kindergarten classroom, when we’re asked the infamous question: What do you want to be when you grow […]

two bathers by a river, Hernan Bas painting

On Bathers in Art


Bathers are an omnipresent motif throughout art history. You can find more than a few on the walls of the Met, MoMa, Frick: pastels by Degas, a painting by Cezanne, etchings by Picasso and Rembrant and a handful of them splattered across the centuries here and there: Ancient Grecian pottery, Egyptian stelae, Italian frescos, you […]

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